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vSure is pleased to be in partnership with the Migration Institute of Australia and offer you a tool to enhance your business.

Exclusive Offer for MIA Members

As a valued Migration Institute of Australia member we have an exclusive offer of a discount on our normal price. Contact us today to discuss your requirements at

Employment Sanctions Legislation White Paper

As per our latest article in the MIA newsletter our Employment Sanctions Legislation White Paper is available to MIA members.

Why vSure?

Feedback from the recent MIA member survey shows that over 60% of agents have experienced business sponsors trying to renew visas at the last minute or a client giving incorrect information on the visa type they have. This causes pressure on you and your staff, vSure, a secure cloud based service which automates visa checking, is your answer. vSure enables you to:

  • Streamline processing by inputting passport data only once for your clients.
  • Accurately determine visa status of your clients with a single click.
  • Automatically undertake visa checking schedules for your clients.
  • Remind you to contact clients for visa renewals.

vSure is an essential tool to enhance your immigration practice:

Increase your Revenue

  • vSure can manage your exiting clients and increase productivity by capturing all existing client details. You will then be alerted to any changes in their visa and work conditions and be able to proactively contact them and meet their future needs.

Offer Compliance Services to Your Clients

  • Did you know visa labels and grant letters are not sufficient evidence of immigration status under the Employment Sanctions Legislation? vSure is compliant with the Employment Sanction Legislation and stores an auditable paper trail of past VEVO checks.
  • Employers face infringement notices of $15,000 or more under the Employment Sanctions Legislation each time they have an employee in breach of visa conditions. Proactively assist your clients by using vSure to be alerted to changes in visa, expiry dates and work conditions of their employees ensuring they don’t receive infringement notices.

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