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Instant Visa Check

The vSure instant visa check service allows businesses and employers to quickly and easily check the visa status and work rights of temporary and permanent visa holders.

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Would my Business Benefit from Instant Visa Check?

vSure instant check is a good solution if you just need check one or two visa holders as it allows you to check straight away.

If you have more than 10 employees, you may wish to use the full version of vSure which is optimised for larger numbers of employees. In this case, you can request a demo to see if vSure is right for you.

What Information do I Need to Use Instant Visa Check?

You will need:

  • The passport details and date of birth of the person you want to check
  • Valid credit card details for payment
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What Visa Information Will I Receive?

The visa check you receive will include:

  • The visa type held (class and subclass)
  • The date of grant
  • The date of expiry
  • Work rights and visa conditions

The cost of this service is $9.95 per check

Once you have setup your account, you can log back in to check the visa check history or add additional visa holders