vSure Core Values

Our team shares a set of core values which forms the basis of our organisation. It is critical that our new team members share these values, and our existing staff are assessed on these values each quarter.

Make it Happen

Getting the outcome for the client is of primary importance to us – making it happen is essentially what we do for our clients. This value encompasses the following qualities:

  • Outcome Focussed: where possible, we seek the solution which is best for the client – the simplest, most cost-effective and quickest solution as well as involving the lowest risk of issues
  • Passion: We hire your creative self and expect staff to be fully engaged at all times
  • Determination: We never gives up on a client even if the case ends up more complex than initially forecast
  • Backup Plans: wherever possible, we have a backup plan to enable the client to reach their outcome even if our favoured option proves not to be possible.

Get it Right

We never take shortcuts with applications, and always ensure the case is presented in the best possible way with no errors. There are several aspects to “getting it right”;

  • Technical excellence: clients expect us to have a complete understanding of Migration Regulations and Policy, and to give accurate and complete advice
  • Attention to detail: clients expect us to lodge error-free applications, and to meet all relevant lodgement deadlines
  • Ethical Approach: we are ethical in all our dealings – with our clients, staff and the Department of Home Affairs
  • Culture of Learning: our team is open to learning how to do their job better.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional service encompasses the following qualities:

  • Making a Client’s Day: Coming up with innovative solutions which mean that the client achieves an outcome far better than they were expecting
  • Empathy: Always being “present” in dealings with clients – understanding the situation from their perspective and interacting with them in a highly positive manner
  • Availability: Responding promptly and clearly to client requests
  • Consistency: always giving quality service for the entire duration of the client’s involvement with us.

Play as a Team

We have a supportive team environment with a number of key principles:

  • Share your skills: our team is generous in sharing skills and expertise with other team members to help them develop
  • Lend a hand: we are generous with our time with others
  • Openness: we share ideas and feedback freely and value each team member’s input in making decisions
  • Support Group Decisions: where a decision has been made, we support it fully.


We believe that there is always room for improvement. No matter what position you hold in the company we want to hear your ideas for better serving our clients and each other. Every process and procedure is open for improvement. We are tireless in our attempts to create a better business and our employees are critical in making this happen.