Bulk VEVO Checks – Work Rights & Study Visas

Bulk Visa Checks

The vSure web-app offers en masse VEVO checks. From a simple MS Excel template upload (or PRISMS report output), you can upload and check large volumes of visas quickly and easily with the vSure web-app.

How does the bulk VEVO checks work?

Once you have a vSure account, you will be able to download the MS Excel template. The key columns are:

  • Passport Country*
  • Passport Number*
  • Date Of Birth*
  • First Name*
  • Family Name*
  • Start Date (for tracking 6 month expiry visas such as 417s)
  • EmployeeID

The * represents compulsory fields.

You can then save the Excel file as CSV and upload it to vSure. The upload takes very little time. Thousands within minutes.

You can then choose to “VEVO check all”. The system will schedule the mass visa check process. As a rough rule of thumb, the system will process around 1 visa check per second. Even faster.

Is the vSure bulk VEVO Checks right for my organisation?

Need to perform a large recruitment process? Need to perform an audit of staff and contractor’s current work rights?

Want to check visa status of a large cohort of students?

Can you get the passport details and date of birth information into MS Excel, or if you are a CRICOS provider, do you have access to the PRISMS reports?

Then the vSure web-app for performing bulk VEVO checks is the right solution for you!

vSure How To Documentation

vSure is exceptionally user friendly and requires little to no training. The HOW TO guide for the web-application is available online via our Zendesk Help Centre


Pricing is determined by the number of unique visa holders successfully checked in a calendar month. This means we do NOT charge for failed checks nor multiple successful checks against the same individual in the same calendar month.

For bulk checks (>50 at a time), pricing starts at around $3/unique visa holder checked in the month and reduces with volume from there.

How do I Start Using the vSure web-app for bulk checks?

Contact us today for a formal proposal by using the form below.

We will then be in touch to talk about system requirements, pricing and setting you up with an account.

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