Work Rights & Visa Checks – Australia and New Zealand

Check an employee, customer or contractor Work Rights, Foreign Passport or Study Visa

Every employing organisation in Australia has the obligation to validate that their employees and contractors have the legal right for work in Australia. For temporary visa holders, this means performing a work rights aka visa check aka VEVO check using their passport or Immicard details.

vSure offers six different work rights & study visa checking products depending on your needs.

We have different products for small, medium and large businesses, an API for software developers, as well as solutions for individuals and educational institutions.

Visa Check Medium To Larger Employer


The vSure WebApp provides unrivalled governance of your work rights obligations. With an awesome employee experience for work rights checks at point of on-boarding to automated monitoring & alerts for visa changes and expiries.

Visa Check API

Software Developers

vSure offers software developers instant access to a reliable, clean RESTful (JSON) API that takes passport or Immicard data and returns Work Rights / Visa information in data form and pdf

Visa checks for business


The vSure WebApp for Recruitment module allows recruiters and onboarding professionals to quickly and easily check the work rights of all candidates

Visa Check Individual

KYC / Identity Verification

The Australian Government Document Verification Service (DVS) does not validate foreign passports. vSure’s v2 Visa Check API does, by validating passport data and providing visa details.

Study Visa Checks API

CRICOS Providers

vSure offers Higher Education Institutions (specifically CRICOS Providers) en masse Study / Student Visa checks and monitoring

White label vSure

HR & Migration Firms

vSure offers Migration Agencies, HR Consulting Firms, Risk Management Companies, Software Vendors and others, the opportunity to white-label and on-sell the vSure solution.