Streamlined Right To Work Checks for Recruitment & Onboarding

Employers must validate the legal right to work of all new staff in Australia and New Zealand. The means obtaining proof of Australian or New Zealand citizenship OR collecting Passport (or other travel documentation) and performing a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO in Australia) (Visa View in NZ) check. This can be a frustrating, slow process chasing the correct documents and performing manual VEVO checks.If you are an employer with any sort of recruitment volume, work rights is a pain taht slows down onboarding.

How vSure can help you as a recruitment professional

vSure makes Right To Work checks and regular visa checking more straightforward for recruitment professionals through the following features:

  • Integrate with your ATS or Onboarding system
  • Email and SMS “self-onboarding” to capture citizenship or passport or other approved travel documentation
  • Automated visa checks provide you with current and up to date information on all temporary resident employees in the system
  • Save time and gain productivity by letting vSure do the work for you
  • Access your employee data anywhere with vSure’s cloud software
  • Automated reports provide you with a paper trail for compliance to avoid penalties
  • Gain a better understanding of visa types and conditions with vSure’s easy to understand explanations.
  • Save time and stress and embarrassment of being name and shamed by the Department of Home Affairs if you are found to have illegal workers.

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