Visa Checking for International Students – Educational Institutions

international students

Educational institutions can improve compliance and maximise compliance by checking visas for their international students.

Any international students studying in breach of visa conditions can potentially impact on the institution’s risk rating under the Simplified Student Visa Framework.

If a student has moved onto a visa other than a student visa, this may release a place in the cap to allow a further student to study.

You may wish to ask yourself:

  • What process do you currently have for checking students before the course starts?
  • Can you give an assurance that every student in your institution is legally able to study in Australia?
  • Do you track visa expiries for your students?
  • How do you know if a student has changed visa status?

How vSure Can Help Educational Institutions

  • Improve your risk rating under the Simplified Student Visa Framework by ensuring your students are studying in compliance with their visas
  • Identify students who have moved onto a visa other than a student visa, and so releasing an extra place under the cap
  • Import COE information from Prisms to set up your students in vSure – no data entry required!
  • Automated visa checks provide you with current and up to date information on all current students
  • Produce reports based on course studied, agent used and visa held. This allows more regular visa checks for higher risk students
  • Assurance that the information is coming straight from the Department of Home Affairs, is regular and current

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