Visa Check API – for Developers

The vSure transactional visa check API (aka vSure VEVO API) is for software developers who wish to offer work rights (visa), KYC (Know Your Customer) and/or study visa (aka student visa) checking to an existing application.

vSure v2 Visa Checks API & developer portal are now live

The brand new vSure v2 Visa Check API and dedicated Developer Portal are now live. We’ve made Australia and New Zealand’s leading visa check API service even better.

How does the Visa Check API Work?

Once you have a vSure v2 Visa Check API account, you will be able to make calls to the API to get visa information returned.

You will need to provide passport details for the customer/student/worker/candidate, and the API will return visa information in JSON and PDF (if desired) formats.

Is the vSure VEVO Checks API Right for My Business?

The API is for developers wanting to offer visa checking (work rights, KYC and study visas) through their application. It requires coding expertise.

If you are an HR professional or business owner, you may wish to use our web-app: vSure visa checking for employers.

What Kind of Businesses are Using the vSure Visa Check API?

Examples of clients using the vSure API include

  • Pre-employment screening companies
  • HR & Workforce Management software companies
  • Payroll software companies
  • Financial institutions and fintechs
  • Knowing Your Customer (KYC) software developers
  • Student management software companies
  • Higher Education Providers

vSure VEVO API Documentation

The work rights and student visa check API is fully documented with test cases and a full POSTMAN collection. The documentation for our transactional Visa Checks API is available online via our new developer portal.

Now with Australian & New Zealand Visa Checks

Our v2 vSure Visa Check API now offers both Australian and New Zealand visa checks via RESTful JSON API endpoints.


Pricing is determined by the number of unique visa holders successfully checked in a calendar month. This means we do NOT charge for failed checks nor multiple successful checks against the same individual in the same calendar month.

Pricing is a maximum $2.25/unique successful check (with a minimum monthly volume/charge of $30 applicable). Transactional costs reduce with use of offpeak (9pm to 6am), volume (volume-based discounts on transactions) and further with committed volumes (e.g. you agree to a minimum 1,000 checks per month for example).

How do I Start Using the vSure Visa Check API?

If you would like to incorporate visa checking in your application, you can register for the vSure v2 API by using the form below.

We will then be in touch to talk about system requirements, pricing and setting you up with an account.