vSure Integrates With Your People Management Systems

vSure offers a deep integration layer to embed work rights compliance within your recruitment and HR workflows. Whether you choose to integrate the vSure Web App or purely leverage the vSure visa check API, vSure offers customers seamless integration leveraging industry standard technologies.  

Existing Out-Of-The-Box Integrations

vSure has a myriad of existing integrations with Australia’s leading Human Resources, Payroll and Rostering systems. Out standard integrations include:

Custom Integrations

vSure has a custom integration layer that means we can quickly configure data flows between systems, without code. We currently offer:

  • RESTful JSON;
  • SOAP/XML web-services;
  • CSV, JSON or XML to sFTP;
  • Email to vSure;

OR Build Your Own Integration

vSure offers a well documented API with POSTMAN examples, allowing you to build your own integrations with either our web app OR our commercial visa checks API.

Find out more about vSure’s Integrations