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The vSure instant visa check service allows individuals to quickly and easily download a “Visa Assured by vSure” pdf of their Australian work rights visa.

What do I get from vSure Instant Visa Check?

vSure instant check is a good solution for individuals to prove to an employer, as at a point in time, they have valid Australian work rights.

vSure leverages the Department of Home Affairs VEVO service to validate work rights.

By using vSure Instant Check, you will get a shareable PDF that validates your work rights, with plain-English definition of visa types and work rights restrictions (such as student visa limitations on 40 hours per fortnight, or working holiday visa limitations on 6 months with the one employer).

Visa holders with valid Australian work rights, who use the vSure Instant Check service, are granted permission by vSure to include the Work rights “Visa Assured by vSure” badge in their:

  • Resume / CV
  • Application letters
  • Email signatures 
    for a period of 30 days after each Instant Check showing valid work rights.


What Information do I Need to Use Instant Visa Check?

You will need:

  • Your passport details and date of birth
  • Valid credit card details for payment

What Visa Information Will I Receive?

The visa check will produce a downloadable, printable and shareable pdf including:

  • The visa type held (class and subclass)
  • The date of grant
  • The date of expiry
  • Work rights and visa conditions.
  • Work rights “Visa Assured by vSure” badge.

The cost of this service is $9.95 per check.

Once you have setup your account, you can log back in and reproduce the visa as at any point in time.

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