End-to-end Work Rights Compliance Platform for Employers

Employers must make sure that all staff have the legal right to work in Australia. If staff are working in breach of visa conditions, your business may face fines and other penalties under the Employer Sanctions Legislation. You may also be personally liable if you are a company officer.To ensure compliance with Immigration Regulations, employers should be checking Australian Citizenship OR non-citizen visa status before or at the time of hiring. And in the case of non-citizens “at reasonable times” throughout the cycle employment.

If you are an employer with a large number of temporary visa holders (such as student visa, working holiday visa and bridging visa holders), it can get very difficult to keep on top of visa changes, expires and work rights.

How vSure can Help You as an HR Professional or Company Officer

vSure makes Right To Work checks and regular visa checking more straightforward for HR professionals through the following features:

  • Email and SMS “self-onboarding” to capture citizenship or passport documentation;
  • Automated visa checks provide you with current and up to date information on all temporary resident employees in the system
  • Alerts of any problems so you can rectify issues immediately
  • Save time and gain productivity by letting vSure do the work for you
  • Limit stress and keep ahead of critical dates, like visa expiries, with regular notifications ahead of time
  • Access your employee data anywhere with vSure’s cloud software
  • Automated reports provide you with a paper trail for compliance to avoid penalties
  • Gain a better understanding of visa types and conditions with vSure’s easy to understand explanations.
  • Save time and stress and embarrassment of being name and shamed by the Department of Home Affairs if you are found to have illegal workers.

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