vSure VEVO Visa Check Products

Our Products

vSure offers a number of different visa check products that overlay, simplify, clarify and enhance the Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service.

We have different products for small and large businesses, as well as individuals, Payroll/HR/Compliance consultants, immigration firms, law firms and educational institutions.

Download “Visa Assured by vSure” PDF of my Work Rights Visa

For individuals looking to prove their own visa status to an employer. Go to My Australian Work Visa.

Instant Visa Check – product for small organisations

For smaller businesses with under 10 staff – allows you to do visa checks for a small number of staff very quickly. Go to Instant Visa Check.

vSure Enterprise – product for medium-to-larger employers

For larger businesses who need to manage a large number of visa holders. Allows importing of staff details from CSV files, scheduled visa checking and reporting. Go to vSure Enterprise.

vSure Enterprise includes:

Bulk VEVO Checks Product

For larger businesses who need to audit/onboard a large number of visa holders. Allows importing of staff details from MS Excel/CSV files, or if you are a CRICOS institution, from a PRISMS report. Go to Bulk Visa Checks.

Visa Check Wizard

Allows scanning of passports and other proof of work rights documentation on site via mobile or tablet via a simplified interface.

Staff Self-Onboarding via email or SMS

Delivering an awesome employee/candidate experience with a simple, email or SMS that allows the employee/candidate to use their smartphone to snap a photo of their proof of work rights documentation.

vSure White Label Product

For Migration Agents, Channel Partners or Larger Corporates with a number of different divisions. Gives multi-user and multi-level access via a branded interface.

Education – Visa Checking for International Students

For educational institutions wishing to check visas for their international students. Go to Education – Visa Checking for International Students.

Visa Check API Products

For developers who wish to implement visa checking within their own product. Go to vSure VEVO Visa Check API.

Getting More Information on vSure Products

If you would like more information, you can request a vSure demo to talk about which product will be best suited to your needs.