Download Employer Sanctions White Paper

Employer Sanctions White Paper

Our Employer Sanctions White Paper goes through the most important aspects of the Employer Sanctions Legislation, explaining clearly what it means for your business and what you can do to ensure compliance.

The Employer Sanctions Legislation requires businesses to ensure their employees and contractors have the right to work in Australia, or face harsh penalties.

The paper was written by Mark Webster, one of the most recognised names in Australian Immigration Law.

The main areas covered in our White Paper include:

  • Offences for allowing a person to work or continue to work on the wrong visa
  • No requirement to show knowledge or intent to prove an offence
  • Impact on recruiters and labour hire companies
  • Personal liability for company officers and directors
  • Penalties under the Act – fines of $18,900 to $315,000 per offence, as well as jail time
  • How to avoid liability under the Employer Sanctions Legislation by conducting regular visa checks

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Department of Home Affairs – Information on reforms to employer sanctions

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