Executive Officers and Directors – How vSure Can Help

Ask Yourself…

  • How can you be sure your HR department is complying with the new legislation?
  • Can HR give you information about what visas employees hold and when it expires?
  • How would you feel if you were fined for someone else’s mistake?
  • How much time, money and productivity is lost when an urgent visa expiry of an employee occurs?
  • How would you feel if you were convicted of an offence under the Immigration Act?
  • Did you know, not only could the business be fined, but you could be charged an individual fine of $3000 for the business having an illegal employee?

Executive officers of companies can be liable for penalties under the Employer Sanctions Legislation. If a business is found to have employees working for them in breach of their visa conditions, an executive officer may be held personally liable for the offence.

Who is an Executive Officer?

The Employer Sanctions Legislation deems an “Executive Officer” to be:

  • Directors of companies
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Company Secretaries

This means people who are in a position of influence in a company can receive criminal and civil penalties for knowing, or being negligent, about illegal workers in their business.

What should Executive Officers do?

Directors and company officers must take steps to ensure the business is employing best practice in checking workers’ visa status to avoid potential personal liability for offences under the new legislation.

How vSure Can Help…

  • Prove that the business has taken ‘reasonable steps’ at ‘reasonable times’ under the Employer Sanction Legislation
  • Reduce risk of penalties and ruined reputation with automated visa checks
  • Keep up to date with the status of your workplace wherever you are with vSure’s cloud software
  • Easy to understand regular reports give you a better understanding of the numerous visa types available and provide automatic paper trails to avoid any penalties
  • Assurance that the information is coming straight from the Department of Home Affairs, is regular and current
  • Gain productivity from your employees with vSure’s automated visa checks – let vSure do the work for you so your employees can focus on more important projects