Migration Agents – How vSure Can Help

Migration Agents – Ask Yourself…

  • Do you sometimes miss correspondence from the Department of Home Affairs about the visa status of your clients?
  • How many files are you keeping of your clients data?
  • How do you keep up to date with the visa expiries of all your clients?
  • Can you give an assurance to your clients that their visa status is legal?
  • What process do you currently have for checking client’s visa status?
  • Where do you store this information?

Migration agents work in a fast paced industry, dealing with a high volume of clients with different needs and various visa types. It can be time consuming and costly to keep up to date with the visa status of all your clients, and one missed expiry date can affect the future of your client in Australia.

Australian immigration is complex and it takes a lot of time and effort to ensure every visa application is submitted on time and with the correct information. Numerous files for clients can build up over time, making it hard to keep track of the status of every client that comes through your office – not to mention time wasted manually searching for information.

As a Migration Agent, you may already be assisting your corporate clients to stay compliant with their growing sponsorship obligations and migration law, but are you keeping compliant yourself?

How vSure Can Help…

  • Provide your corporate clients with an added assurance and extra value to your service for little cost
  • Great opportunity to add value to your clients and stand out from the competition
  • Be proactive – retain your existing clients by keeping ahead of their visa expiry dates
  • Gain productivity with alerts of issues beforehand – reduce last minute trips to the Department of Home Affairs for emergency visa lodgements.
  • Know the visa status of your clients before you even receive notification from the Department of Home Affairs
  • Build trust and rapport with your clients
  • Minimise time spent on data entry
  • Manage your clients visa status easily

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