Recruitment – How vSure Can Help

Recruitment – Ask Yourself…

  • What process do you currently have for checking candidates before referral?
  • What kind of records do you keep that these checks have been done?
  • Are all your staff aware of the new requirements to keep compliant?
  • How would your client feel if they have a new candidate with no visa? Exposing them to penalties and name shaming?
  • Can you give an assurance that everyone you refer is legally able to work in Australia? How will you do business going forward unless you do this?
  • How will you maintain your clients for future services?
  • How would you feel if you received a personal penalty and caused one for your own business and that of your clients?

Recruiters deal with a high volume of clients through each day, ranging from Australian citizens to temporary residents, and even overseas visitors on working holiday visas. Processes need to be followed during the recruitment process to ensure every candidate suits their prospective job – not only do they need the right skill and fit for the job, they also have to hold the correct visa to work legally in Australia.

It is the responsibility of recruiters to check the visa status of every candidate before they are referred to a client for work in Australia – if the Department of Home Affairs find a referred employee without the correct visa status, not only is your client’s business put at risk of penalties, the recruitment company and the recruiter themselves can also be subject to penalties.

Recruitment is also a popular career path for overseas visitors on working holiday visas or temporary work visas. Even if an employee is a temp or contractor, they also have to have the appropriate visa and work rights while working for you.

How vSure Can Help…

  • Provide your clients with an added assurance of the quality of your service with vSure’s automatic paper trail and reports
  • Add value to your service with little cost and time
  • Build trust and better retain your current clients
  • Stand out from the competition with this added service you can provide
  • Lead by example for your clients by using vSure for your own team

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