Work Rights for Working Holiday Visas

In 2018, there were changes to work rights, eligiblity criteria and rules for extensions for work in regional Australia.

Our webinar will look at:

  • What work is permitted in Australia for working holiday makers
  • Restrictions on how long working holiday makers can work for an employer
  • Rules for extending working holiday visas for work in regional Australia
  • How employers can make sure they comply with rules applying to working holiday makers

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Employer Compliance Webinar

Do you know that there are over 2 million temporary residents in Australia with a variety of visas, all with different visa conditions?

Staff working on expired visas or in breach of visa conditions can mean fines and loss of reputation for employers.

In 2013, new legislation was introduced which raises the bar for employers with temporary visa holders on staff.

Find out more how your business can avoid fines with vSure

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