“Don’t do it” ~ The Immigration Blacklist

Immigration Blacklist

Most employer sponsored visas require the business to show that there is no “adverse information” or that the business has a “record of compliance” with Australian immigration laws for approval.

If your business has been non-compliant, this can result in being locked out of employer sponsored visa programs.

If your business has engaged staff in breach of visa conditions, this could also result in:

  • A bar preventing the business from sponsoring further staff
  • Inability to sponsor staff on temporary visas for permanent visas
  • Cancellation of approved sponsorship status, and as a result cancellation of visas for all sponsored workers

Even if Immigration does not decide to impose one of the above sanctions, it can still result in your business being exposed to extra scrutiny when applying to sponsor staff. This means slower processing of visa applications as more documentation is requested than is usually the case.

Flow-on Consequences

Special task forces have been established by the Department of Home Affairs to target employers, sharing data with the ATO and Fair Work Ombudsman. Imagine the damage to your business’ reputation if you were to “named and shamed” on the Minister’s media release page.

Many businesses discover too late that a key staff member has a visa problem. Particularly if the staff member is involved in a major project, the business can face significant loss due to the down time involved in regularising the staff member’s immigration status.

How can vSure keep your business off the Immigration Blacklist?

  • vSure automates visa checking and gives you the peace of mind that your business is compliant. vSure is easy to set up and straightforward to use:
  • A vSure account can be set up in minutes, and we make it easy for you to put your whole workforce on the system
  • You can check your entire workforce with a single click
  • vSure checks your staff regularly and will let you know if there are any problems with work rights
  • Easy to understand reports identify any staff with issues, and give you a better understanding of visas and work conditions
  • vSure is cloud based meaning you can access it anywhere and it makes managing multiple sites straightforward
  • SMS and calendar reminders mean you will never miss a visa expiry date
  • vSure creates an auditable paper trail which can be used to establish a statutory defence if required by Immigration