Employee Onboarding Wizard Update

To help employers more easily check work rights of staff, we have upgraded our onboarding wizard.

This makes it a lot easier for HR departments to:

  • Obtain copies of ID documents for all staff
  • Passport details for non-citizen staff
  • Consent for visa checking for non-citizen staff

The video above outlines how the new system works:

  1. Paste staff emails
  2. Customise the message to the staff members
  3. Staff receive a link to complete their details
  4. Australian citizens upload their ID documents showing they are a citizen
  5. Non-citizens upload their passport – details are extracted from the scan
  6. Non-citizens confirm their consent to visa checking
  7. HR department can track who has provided details and follow up with staff who are still to provide details

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss how vSure can help your business with immigration and visa compliance.