Senior Managers – Why Visa Compliance Should be on your Radar

Whilst Visa Compliance won’t necessarily be top of mind for senior managers, it is a hygiene factor which needs to be taken seriously.

Here are 6 reasons you should look into it:

1. Reputation Risk
Immigration now has the ability to “name and shame” employers who are in breach of immigration obligations. Don’t let this be you!

2. Customers
Large Australian retailers now require all businesses in the supply chain to assure them that staff have appropriate work rights. Without adequate processes, you could lose business.

3. Loss of Access to Business Sponsorship
Businesses with illegal workers can be locked out of employer sponsored visa pathways

4. Hefty Fines
Fines range from 18,900 to 94,500 per worker found in breach of visa conditions – this can add up quickly

5. Personal Liability
Company directors and officers can be personally liable if they are aware or negligent on immigration compliance

6. Data Matching
Now that we have single touch payroll and data matching with the Department of Immigration, we can expect employers without adequate compliance processes to get a nasty wake up call sooner or later!

vSure makes it easy to keep on top of immigration compliance – please get in touch if you would like more information.