vSure – Automated Visa Checks and Work Rights Compliance for Businesses and Employers

vSure For individuals checking their visa status

I am an individual
wanting to check my own visa status

visa checking for Employers

Employers wishing to check my visa status and work rights for staff

vSure For the Education Sector checking study rights for students

I am an education provider
wishing to check my international students

vSure API for software developers to implement visa checks in their platform

I am a software provider
wishing to offer visa and work rights checks

Are you ready for Single Touch Payroll and automated work rights compliance audits?

Single Touch Payroll is coming. Watch out if you aren’t on top of your employee work rights monitoring!
This 3 minute video is a good explanation of why Australian Employers need vSure!

The Migration Amendment (Reform of Employer Sanctions) Act 2013 commenced on 1 June 2013. This legislation imposes hefty fines on businesses who have staff working on the wrong visa.

The best way to avoid the penalties is to implement processes to check work rights for employees and contractors.

vSure automates visa checking, making compliance straightforward and stress-free for employers.

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Visa checks made easy. vSure is a cloud based tool to store your temporary resident employee details and set up automated visa checks to ensure your compliance with the new legislation.

  • Simple and easy data import
  • Check your entire workforce with one click
  • Set regular automated checks
  • Receive email, SMS and calendar notifications
  • Alerts you of a change in visa status
  • Secure audit trail

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