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Small employer


Streamline Right To Work checks in the recruitment / onboarding process, with the leading best-of-breed solution.

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Automated Compliance

Automated Compliance

No more manual VEVO checks! End-to-end Right To Work compliance platform, offering streamlined onboarding, visa monitoring, automated audit trails and reporting on employee & contractor work rights.

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Software Developers

Software Vendor

Build right to work / visa checks into your software. Add Study Visa checks to your student platform. Validate visas for ID and KYC using the vSure v2 Visa Check API.

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Partner With vSure

vSure partners with leading Migration, Legal and HR firms to deliver a branded solution that helps you to help your clients.

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Be Sure, with vSure.

Seamless Right To Work checks + Automated monitoring of temporary visas.

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Australia’s best companies use vSure!

    Smart compliance automation. Awesome Employee Experience!

    Australia’s #1 Right To Work solution

    The highest level of security

    ✔️ Best in class platform and data security

    ✔️ Bank grade encryption, of data in transit and at rest

    ✔️ 2 Factor Authentication

    ✔️ Australian located, Tier 1, secure data centres

    ✔️ Regular, independent, global certified, penetration testing

    Case Study: Solotel – Australia’s most diverse hospitality group

    Miriam Morgan – Remuneration & Benefits Manager

    “With more than 30 venues and thousands of staff across Sydney & Brisbane, like most metro hospitality companies, we are highly reliant on foreign workers (particularly working holiday makers and student visa holders). This creates a compliance burden to meet the obligation to check and keep checking our employee’s work rights. One that would be too easy to deprioritise or overlook.”

    “vSure has provided us with a simple, fast solution to check and monitor our staff’s work rights. With tight integration with our FlareHR onboarding solution, we have been able to completely streamline and practically automate the collection of identity documents and completion of Right To Work checks.”

    “The audit trail that vSure provides us over our work rights compliance, is an insurance policy that has a value, not just in terms of the company and directors avoiding potential fines, but importantly protecting our brand and reputation.”

    Optimising the employee experience.

    Seamless document collection via SMS direct to the candidate or employee.

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    vSure offers a deep integration layer to allow you to embed our systems deep within your existing workflows. We have a number of out-of-the-box integrations with Australia’s leading Recruitment, HR, Rostering & Payroll systems, including:

    … and more. Check out our list of integrations to various recruitment, onboarding, HRIS, Workforce Management and Payroll systems on our Integrations Page.

    vSure also offers a well documented API with POSTMAN examples for both our Web App and commercial visa checks API.

    We also have a no code integration utility that allows us to build integrations quickly using RESTful JSON, CSV to sFTP and even Email to vSure.

    Our Pricing

    Pricing depends on which solution you require, as well as your volume. You can either “pay as you go” using our Instant Visa Check service, or sign up for a subscription if you need to manage more than a handful of Right To Work checks each month. There are are no lock in contracts, as well as fast onboarding, seamless integrations and easy to access support – all without additional charge!

    Simple Plans for everyone

    Pricing depends on how many visa holders you need to check.

    If you just need to check a small number, the best solution is our Instant Visa Check.

    If you need to check a larger number of staff, a vSure Enterprise subscription would be more appropriate. vSure Enterprise allows you to automate the visa checking process, schedule regular visa checks and get notifications and reminders of visa expiries.

    vSure WebApp


    Use the full automation features of vSure to seamlessly onboard new staff and validate their Right To Work, schedule visa checks against temporary visa holders, as well as get automated reports and reminders.


    There is a sliding scale of discounts, based on the number of staff you wish to onboard and check on a monthly basis, but starts at a maximum:



    /Right To Work check at point of onboarding or per recheck for monitoring of temporary visas.
    The price comes DOWN with volume from there. The average client pays around $3.00. Fixed fee monthly subscriptions with unlimited usage are also available.

    vSure v2 Visa Check API

    Visa Checks Made Easy

    Max. cost, decreasing with volume discounts

    $2.25 per check

    Modern, RESTful API for integrating Visa Checks into your own app


    Build your own bulk visa check solution