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Four Changes 457 Employers Should Know About

The Immigration Minister has introduced a new bill that will have an effect on the way employers hire overseas workers on 457 visas.  The announced changes will seemingly make the sponsorship process more difficult once the legislation is passed. With the upcoming election in September, it’s not clear if the bill will ever come into

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Crackdown on illegal workers begins 1 June 2013

The Migration Amendment (Reform of Employer Sanctions) Act 2013 commences on 1 June 2013. The Australian Government is cracking down on employers who hire people illegally to work in Australia.  Although it’s always been against the law to do so, with the Employer Sanctions Legislation confirmed for 1 June 2013, it is evident that the

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Employer Sanctions Legislation Passes Through Senate

Employer Sanctions Legislation Passed
The Employer Sanctions Bill was passed by the Senate on 27 February 2013. As a result, it will pass into law once it receives the Royal Assent. The new Employer Sanctions legislation raises the bar on businesses to ensure that they are not hiring illegal workers. The new legislation will affect: Employers: who must ensure

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