How Do I know if my Employees have Citizenship or Permanent Residence in Australia?

These are the types of identification that are acceptable to prove citizenship or permanent residence in Australia:

  • Australian passport
  • New Zealand passport
  • Australian citizenship certificate plus photo ID
  • Australian birth certificate plus photo ID
  • Certificate of resident status plus photo ID
  • Certificate of Status for New Zealand Citizens in Australia (CSNZCA) plus photo ID

We recommend these be sighted and a copy saved in the employee file.

[h2]What is not acceptable as evidence?[/h2]

Visa grant letters and visa labels are not specified by Migration Regulations, so we would not recommend for you to consider visa grant letters as proper evidence of residential status

[h2]What is the minimum I can do to check visa status of my employees? [/h2]

  • Collect passport ID page prior to employment
  • Check VEVO before employment
  • Check VEVO around visa expiry
  • For bridging visas, check more regularly
  • Keep Records.

[h2]How Can I make this process simpler?[/h2]

With vSure, you can make the whole visa checking process simpler for your business, saving you time and peace of mind.

You can pop your employee’s visa details into vSure once and let the system do the rest of the work for you.  vSure will automatically check their visa status through VEVO on a regular basis, notifying you of any changes or issues.

Instead of keeping paper files of your employee’s details, vSure saves everything for you in the cloud.

Contact us if you would like more information on how vSure can make your business life easy.