Possible Changes to Immigration under a Liberal Government

Now that Australia is led by a Coalition Government, we can assume that some changes may come into action regarding Australian Immigration.

Our previous Labor Government had quite a stern stance against the Employer Sponsored Program of Visas compared to those of the Coalition, so we can hope for more favourable treatment in the future.

Immigration changes that could be considered include:

  • Coalition Reaction to 1 July 2013 457 Visa Changes
  • Application Fees
  • Labour Market Testing
  • Revising the English language requirement
  • Speeding up processing of labour agreements
  • Improve processing times for 457 visas
  • Looking at reintroducing regional concessions for 457 visas
  • Considering introducing visas for semi-skilled workers
  • Considering concessions for small business sponsors
  • Simplifying the application process for trades workers

6 responses on "Possible Changes to Immigration under a Liberal Government"

  1. vick says:

    Hi when they are planning to announce these changes and when they will come to effect ?

  2. raj says:

    Hi sir is australian immigration goin to open visa in diploma (572) again and r they gonna make easy rule to come in australia for study

  3. stelios philippou says:

    Hye there I ‘m just thinking how long I have to wait for my 457 family visa to be granted .we registered since from May 2013.
    Stelios philippou

  4. Vick,

    Thanks for your comment.

    These are not official changes, we have made some observations on the possibilities of what could happen in the future.

    If or when any official changes are announced we will definitely write an article about it!

  5. Hi Raj,

    Thank you for your comment.

    If you are talking about the streamlined visa processing that was introduced with the Knight Review, it is highly unlikely that this will be reversed.

    However, with the new government now in place you never know what could happen.

    We will keep everyone posted if any changes happen.

  6. Hi Stelios,

    At the moment, 457 Visas can take a few months to be processed depending on the individual circumstances.

    If you would like an update on your application, you should contact DIABP on 131 881.

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