New Feature – Dashboard and Navigation

At vSure, we are dedicated to bring our clients new features to enhance their user experience on a regular basis. One of our newest features is a brand new Dashboard and Navigation bar to make vSure a nice and simple experience for you!

Watch our latest tutorial here…

This tutorial will give you a quick overview of the vSure dashboard and navigation menu.

Shortcuts for the busy worker

Once logged in, you will be presented with the vSure dashboard. It is designed to give you a quick summary of important information. Working from the left of the screen, in the Shortcuts widget, you can select one of these four options to quickly add or import employees or update passport and billing details.

Easy to Access vSure Demo

Below this is a quick reference video about how to use vSure.

Latest Visa Expiries

Below that you are presented with a short list of employees whose visas are next to expire. You will also find a shortcut link to view all current employees in the system.

Cool Visual Graphs

In the centre of the dashboard are three charts. These give you a quick visual snapshot of:

  1. Employee Urgency
    This shows you the amount of visas that are OK, Important or Critical. You can quickly navigate to either segment by clicking on it.
  2. Employee Visa Types
    This chart breaks down the number of employees by visa type. Again, you can click on a segment to navigate to a list of those employees.
  3. Employment Status
    This chart shows you the total number of individuals entered into the system, segmented by employment status – prospective, past and current employees.

Account Information

On the right of the screen, at the top you will find the details of your account and vSure plan, as well as the date that the next automated visa check is scheduled for.

Latest Messages from vSure

Below this are your messages. This widget contains the last 5 messages sent to you from the vSure system. You will also find a link that will take you to a comprehensive listing of all messages and notifications sent to you.


And on the right at the bottom of the screen, you can download your most recent invoices. Click “view invoices” to navigate to a complete list of all invoices issued.

Simple Navigation

Now lets take a look at the navigation bar.

You are presented with 4 navigation options:

  1. Dashboard – Clicking here will take you back to your dashboard
  2. Employees – This takes you to the tables containing current, past and prospective employees
  3. Reports – Here you will find reports for all previous visa checks and data imports
  4. My Account – Go here if you want to update company or contact details and billing information. You will also be able to check and change notification details and view or restore any deleted employees.

That’s your easy to navigate vSure Dashboard.