Make Checking Your Employee Visa Status Easy

It can be an arduous, costly, and time consuming task to individually check the visa status of all your non-citizen and non-permanent resident employees.

It’s also easy to forget that you need to check the visa status of your employees on a regular basis – not only at the start of their employment.

Making one simple mistake could cost you can your business massive penalties of $15,300 and over.

Check out our new video to see how vSure is the best solution for your business, keeping you safe from penalties and giving you peace of mind.

How Can vSure Help Your Business?

Visa checks made easy.

vSure is a cloud based tool to store your non-citizen and non-permanent resident employee details and set automate visa checks to ensure your compliance with the new legislation.

  • Simple and easy data import
  • Check your entire workforce with one click
  • Set regular automated checks
  • Receive email, sms and calendar notifications
  • Alerts you of a change in visa status
  • Secure audit trail.

If you would like to see what vSure can do for your business, request a vSure demo today!

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Our whitepaper explains how your business may be affected by the illegal worker legislation.

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