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90% of international workers being underpaid in the Retail sector

A recent survey by the University of Sydney’s business school (of 1400 + students) revealed that 80% of international students working in restaurants across Sydney were being exploited, with up to 35% of students being paid as little as $12 per hour. Overall, 60% of international students living in Sydney were paid below the federally

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Short-Term Mobility Visa … no longer on offer

In December 2015, the Australian Department of Home Affairs proposed a new visa program to replace the existing 400 visa. The Short-Term Mobility Visa, which was to enable immigrants to work in Australia for up to 12 months without a 457 skilled migration visa. It now appears, according to The Australian, that this somewhat controversial

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Passport Visa Labels scrapped

The latest Migration Legislation Amendment by the Australian Government means that it is no longer possible to have a visa label put in your passport. Therefore, Employers can no longer rely on visa labels as being proof of immigration status … they need to be checking immigration status through an approved online service. Our cloud-based immigration

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