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New tax system for Backpacker’s on working visas delayed

A new tax system for backpackers on working visas was due to come into effect from July 1 this year. The changes would have seen working travellers taxed 32.5 cents from the first dollar they earned with a $18,200 tax-free threshold being delayed. Citrus SA committee member and citrus grower Mark Doecke said Australia’s horticultural industries relied

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Who will step up & reform our workplace relations enforcement regime?

For months we’ve been inundated with reports of exploited temporary migrant workers across Australia. 7-Eleven has dominated the headlines but it is very clear that wage theft is rife across many Australian workforce sectors. Some of these unfortunate 7-Eleven workers are now finally receiving payment of their stolen wages through the independent Professor Allan Fels wage

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Senate Inquiry Recommends Changes to Temporary Worker Framework

Senate Inquiry into Temporary Workers
A senate inquiry has found significant numbers of temporary workers are being exploited by employers. The committee found exploitation by labour hire companies in particular. The report was entitled “A National Disgrace: The Exploitation of Temporary Work Visa Holders“, a clear indication that exploitation of temporary workers was very much of concern. Changes have been

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