7-Eleven Franchise Fined Heavily – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

7-eleven franchise fined heavily

This week a 7-Eleven store whose owners systematically exploited workers has been fined more than $400,000. This is one of the largest penalties imposed by the Fair Work Ombudsman in Australia.

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The 7-Eleven store owner, Mr Sheng-Chieh Lo and his company Mai Pty Ltd have been fined on the basis that the:

  • underpaid 12 employees a total of $82,661
  • implemented “a business model that relied upon a deliberate disregard of the employees’ workplace entitlements”
  • persistently attempted to deceive Fair Work inspectors
  • supplied Fair Work inspectors with numerous false records to cover-up underpayments
  • displayed “no suitable credible expression of regret”
  • showed “a contemptuous disregard of Australian workplace laws”

This is not the first time 7-Eleven has been in the news for underpaying employees. In August 2015, a joint Fairfax and Four Corners investigation uncovered systemic wage underpayments of international students at stores across Australia.

Lo’s Brisbane store was one of twenty 7-Eleven outlets targeted by Fair Work inspectors for surprise night-time visits as part of a tri-state operation.

Read the full ABC News article here.

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