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Possible Changes to Immigration under a Liberal Government

Now that Australia is led by a Coalition Government, we can assume that some changes may come into action regarding Australian Immigration. Our previous Labor Government had quite a stern stance against the Employer Sponsored Program of Visas compared to those of the Coalition, so we can hope for more favourable treatment in the future.

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Hiring Temporary Visa Holders in Australia – How to Avoid the Pitfalls

As of 30 June 2013, there were approximately 1.67 million “temporary entrants” in Australia. This includes temporary visa holders such as 457 visas, student visas, working holiday visas, and also holders of bridging visas. Whilst figures are not published on them, we also estimate that there are approximately 138,000 holders of provisional visas in Australia –

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Helpful Tips for Sponsors of Temporary Employees

Sponsoring employees to work for you in Australia can be a complex responsibility to take on.  There are many obligations that need to be met for the duration of sponsorship that some employers are not aware of. It’s important to uphold your sponsorship obligations while employing overseas workers; otherwise you could face fines or even

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Visa Conditions Employers Should Know About

Visa Conditions are a set of rules that can apply to a number of visa subclasses in Australia.  Individuals must comply with their conditions for the duration of their visa or face consequences, such as cancellation of their visa and having to leave the country. It is also important for employers to ensure their temporary

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Australian Visa Application Fees Skyrocket On 1 July 2013

Australian Visa Application Fees To Skyrocket On 1 July 2013
As of 1 July 2013, visa application charges are increasing significantly  – some as much as 98% – with new fees applying for including family members, lodging onshore or applying in hard copy versus via the internet. These increases make it more expensive for businesses, international students and skilled people to apply for visas –

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